Table for 4

Condo building cranes have been dotting our skyline for years now. Most parking lots downtown Toronto are being converted into high rises. With each project, builders try to maximize every square foot by creating as many units per floor as possible. Result, smaller units.

Where space is scarce, creativity must be abundant if you want to have a well designed and functional space.
But we're social beings and we love to be with our loved ones. So, I am featuring today 3 small-space (non square) Dining Tables that will allow you to fit 3 more guests or more into that Den you converted into a Dining Room or that transitional space between your Living Room and Kitchen.

A classic based on the famous Marais steel cafe chair, this 51"x29" table is made of steel with epoxy varnish. Suitable for modern and contemporary spaces, this table is sturdy and its slight surface abrasions and markings are characteristics of the material and add charm and uniqueness.


This junior version of the original version has been downsized to become condo and small space friendly. 53" in length, this table made with solid shesham wood planks for the top unites the organic and the industrial. The architectural "W" powder coated iron base adds character and a geometric look to it. It seats 4 comfortably and 6 if you like the person next to you.


This ultra cool, Mad Men style table is sleek and light. With stunning beveled edges, this table also comes with an optional extendable leaf  increasing its length from 60" to 80". Base is  made in solid Eucalyptus, table is available is walnut veneer or white lacquer.


Theo Flamenbaum

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