Rethinking wall art

Blank wall, blank mind. No more!

People often hit a roadblock when debating on what to do with a solid blank wall. Whether it's in a hallway and or above a sofa in your Living Room, framed art or photograph are the way to go.

However, how to do it? How many frames? How big?  How to spread them?

Below are 4 ways to tackle the daunting task of decorating your blank wall:


  • Asymmetrical collage

The trend is now to skew away from the conventional collage of frames forming on big large rectangle or square.  While using different frames of different sizes and colours, the goal is to form an asymmetrical collage of random photos or art pieces.

This process is much less intricate than the conventional rectangular collage. Also, since the overall shape of the pieces together is very organic, it allows you to mix and match photos, paintings, mirror and wall objects.



  • Square frames with large matting

For a "gallery" look, opt for this elegant and sophisticated style. These work better with black and white photographs, but coloured ones would work as well. Group them in a linear way or in rows for a better visual impact. Custom matting and frames maybe be a little expensive so be aware that you might need to drop a few bucks to get the exact look you want. Also, the photographs will have to be cropped into a perfect square so choose images that will allow to do so.



  • Oversized prints

Do you want drama?  A distinct focal point? Then this is what you need. When specifying oversized, I am referring to prints larger than 48" in width. It could be an original painting on canvas or a framed reproduction art print, the essential thing is that you must be in love with it. Large pieces are the best way to make a statement, to be funny or quirky. Definitely spend time searching for that perfect piece. Also, ensure that the images is well centered on that solid wall and if there is a piece of furniture right below, that its positioning doesn't compromise the symmetry and also the proportion of the art piece.





  • Photographs/digital prints on Acrylic or Plexiglass

Bringing art to a new level, photographs printed on acrylic or plexiglass is a modern and sleek way of showcasing art. The sheen and glossy finish of the materials is what makes this application so beautiful and unique. You can use them raised from wall with bolts or in a conventional hanging manner. Normally photographs or prints are printed and sandwiched between 2 sheets of plexiglass or using the gyclee printing technique directly onto acrylic for better resolution.




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